Sarah Bradley : ZENsation


I currently offer several different types of massage. Below you will find a list of treatments offered with a description of each treatment.

Swedish massage:

A general massage which is relaxing, relieves muscular tension and promotes a sense of well being. Specific areas of tension can be targeted with specific kneeding and pressure point work, to further aid in the relaxing effects of this type of massage.

Aromatherapy Massage:

A slower more relaxing type of massage which includes lymphatic drainage manipulations and movements and pressure point work. The massage also incorperates the use of Essential oils, blended in a carrier oil, specific to each clients needs. A blend of oils is taylored to the specific need at the time of the massage from a range of over 40 oils. Aromatherapy greatly increases  emotional well being and can also be used to help alleviate the symptoms of some common ailments. A full consultation to establish the clients needs and possible contra-indications will be carried out before the massage begins.

Sports Massage:

This type of massage concentrates on the muscle groups specifically used in sporting activities. The massage can be carried out pre-event, which prepares the muscles to be used by using more stimulating movements. Post event massage can aid in the recovery of muscles after strenuos use in sporting events. The massage also incorperates joint manipulation, which helps to increase flexibility, by giving a bigger range of movement in the joints. Passive stretching can be carried out and deep tissue massage can be performed to release specific areas of tension. Remedial massage can be performed to help promote recovery from injury.

Micro Massage.

A Micro Massage is 15 minutes of massage, to further help you relax and unwind. It can be performed on the area of your body of choice, such as legs and feet, back neck and shoulder or arms. It is ideal to incorporate with other treatments to make the treatment more relaxing and is ideal as a taster for full massages, if you are unsure about massaging. As an example, you may wish to have a foot and leg massage whilst you have your face mask on during a facial treatment (ask for details of suitable micro massage treatments to combine with other treatments).