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I currently offer Four different types of facial. Below you will find a list of treatments offered with a description of each treatment.

Express Facial.

At the beginning of an Express Facial eye and lip make up will be removed, if required. A cleanser suitable for the current state of your skin, will be used to superficially cleanse make up and surface oils from your face and neck. A richer, deep cleansing cream will then be used to deep cleanse the pores. The skin will then be toned. An exfoliating scrub will then be used to remove the top dead layers of skin and loosen blockages. A face mask to suit the condition of your skin will be applied and left on for 10-15 mins, an ideal time to have a Micro Manicure, Micro Pedicure or Micro Massage, if you so wish. The face mask will then be removed. After this a suitable toner and moisturiser will be applied to complete the treatment. Your skin will look and feel clean and fresh. A regular facial, combined with a good skincare routine will greatly improve the condition, feel and appearance of your skin. Typical treatment time for an Express Facial is 45 mins.

Luxury Facial.

The Luxury Facial includes all of the elements of the Express Facial but in addition also includes a 20 minute, relaxing neck, shoulder and face massage and a hot compress applied to the face to open the pores to aid the effectiveness of the mask. Typical treatment time for a Luxury Facial is 1 hr.

Aromatherapy Facial.

A more in depth consultation will be carried out to assist in the choice of the essential oils to be blended into the base products which are used for the treatment, for the clients specific needs. Essential oils can greatly help with improving skin conditions, but also have the added benefit of relaxing, balancing or uplifting the emotions of the recipient.

The Aromatherapy Facial includes all of the elements of the Express Facial, but also includes a hot compress, a very slow and relaxing lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage and a scalp massage. Typical treatment time for an Aromatherapy Facial is 1hr 15 mins (not including time taken for consultation).

Micro Facial.

The Micro Facial consists of a cleanse of the skin of the face and neck, the application of a face mask to suit skin type, removal of mask, tone and moistuise to finish. This is a quick pick me up and refresher for the skin to leave skin clean and refreshed. Typical treatment time for a Micro Facial isĀ  15-20 mins. This is an ideal treatment to take in conjunction with other treatments, for instance, whilst having legs waxed, whilst having a manicure or pedicure, or you may wish to combine a package of Micro Treatments (ask for details).

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