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I currently offer three different types of manicure. Below you will find a list of treatments offered with a description of each treatment. I am now also offering French Manicure Wraps and Minx Nail Armour treatments to enhance your hands.


Express Manicure.

An Express Manicure is ideal for a one off treat or on a regular basis to help improve or maintain the condition of nail, skin and cuticles.

In the Express Manicure your nails will be filed, shaped and buffed, it will include cuticle conditioner and cuticle pushing and removal if this is required. It will also include a basic hand and arm massage to moisturise and hydrate the skin of the hands and arms. It will also include the application, if required, of a base coat, colour varnish,topcoat and quick dry spray to finish. Typical treatment time for an Express Manicure is 45-50 mins.

Luxury Manicure.

The Luxury Manicure includes all of the elements of the express manicure but in addition also includes a more thorough and relaxing hand and arm massage, an exfoliating scrub for the hands and arms, to remove the dead layers of the skin, thus giving a fresh and bright appearance. A hydrating and moisturising hand mask will then be applied to leave hands feeling soft and supple, please note that the hands will be wrapped during the mask to aid absorbtion of the mask, for approximatley 10 mins. Typical treatment time for a Luxury Manicure is 1hr-1hr 15mins

Micro Manicure.

A Micro Manicure cosists of a hand and arm massage, file and polish. This treatment is an ideal addition to other treatments such as the Luxury Pedicure, as it can be performed whilst you have your foot mask applied, or during a Luxury Facial, as it can be performed whilst you have your face mask on. It can also be taken as a seperate treatment if you do not have the time for an Express or Luxury Manicure. Typical treatment time for a Micro Manicure is 15-20 mins

***NEW***French Manicure Wraps. Gives the perfect French Manicure look to your freshly manicured nails. Lasts longer than French Manicure Polish, no chipping. Quicker to achieve than a standard French Manicure. Highly recommended is a U.V. Topcoat to seal the wrap and increase the wear time. This treatment can be added to any of the above manicure or pedicure treatments or can be taken on its own if you already have manicured nails. Costs without U.V. Topcoat £10 per set of Fingers/Toes or £7.50 per set Fingers/Toes, when taken with any of the other Manicure/Pedicure treatments listed above. U.V. topcoat is an additional £3 but is highly recommended for Fingers.


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