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Crazy Hats Walk, 27th March 2011

I will be joining the team from The Body Sanctuary in the Pamper Marquee at Wicksteed Park, Kettering on Sunday 27th March 2011, where we will be performing mini treatments for the attendees of the Crazy Hats Charity Walk.

The Crazy Hats Charity is a Northamptonshire charity which is now 8 years old. The charity is here to support women and men who are going through treatment for breast cancer, who are about to undertake treatment or are fighting the battle to become cancer survivors.

The charity raises money throughout Northamptonshire for work at the two major hospitals in Kettering and Northampton and they link with the Breast Reconstruction team at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Their major fundraising event is the Crazy Hats Walk each spring, but other events are held throughout the year.

I will be offering my services free of charge at the event and any money raised at the event will go to the Crazy Hats Charity.

To find out more about the Crazy Hats Charity and the event, why not visit their website HERE

17 thoughts on “Crazy Hats Walk, 27th March 2011

  1. Karen Smith

    A big big thank you to Sarah for helping out in the pamper marquee on Sunday, despite losing an hour and it being very cold brrr!! The walk was probably their best one yet for fundraising 🙂 Karen, Body Sanctuary

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